Calculator++ has numerous functions (we haven't counted them yet), which are all computed to arbitrary precision. The default "low" precision is 128 decimal digits, but can easily be set to millions of digits or more by the user.


Bases 2 (binary) through 36 (hexatrigesimal) are supported everywhere for all features. Period.

Since this is unique to Calculator++, we'll elaborate.

Display Format

Currently, Calculator++ supports six display formats; floating point, fixed point, scientific, engineering, degrees-minutes-seconds, and hours-minutes-seconds. Here's a brief description of each:

Unit Conversion

Currently, Calculator++ supports over 20,000 units in over 20 categories for conversion. Original and converted values are kept in separate displays. This is handy when converting a value to different units. Currency data used for conversions are downloaded from five highly respected original data sources; not third-party distributors. This extensive list will continue to expand, so be sure to return to this site for updates.


Calculator++ does not use approximations of constants for calculations, as is customary for every other conversion calculator we've seen so far. When a constant has digits that inherently are within a margin of error, the margin of error digits are truncated. Thus, when converting a unit, the result is accurate to the precision specified by the user. For example, converting from 80 kilometers to miles, with precision set to the default "low" of 128, the result, 49.709695378986717569394734749065457726875049709695378986717569394734749065457726875049709695378986717569394734749065457726875050, is accurate to all 128 digits, though only 49.709695378986717569394734749065457726875049709695378986717569394734749065458 will display. It is rare for any other calculator to be accurate to even the displayed value in Calculator++. We're still looking for examples, and haven't found any yet.


Simple Algebraic Notation, Algebraic Notation, and Reverse Polish Notation (RPN) are currently supported.


Calculator++ is written in 100% Java. It should run fine on platforms which fully support Java 6 or later. So far, it has been tested on Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, and Solaris.